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05:54pm 07/09/2007
  <a href="http://www.geocities.com/tohuvabohu">The New version of the Ravience City Game</a>  
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05:33pm 07/09/2007
  new game

12:53pm 03/09/2007


The Ravience City game board, made up of 26 circles, can be divided in several ways. The central circle of the City is a a meeting place for the player's characters to recruit for new characters without any devotions into their clique. The inner circle is the circle that engulfs the central circle and connects the central circle to all of the eight middle circles. The eight middle circles connect the inner circle to eight out of the 16 outer circles. The 16 outer can be divided into two categories, the 8 connective circles

that connect the middle circles to the 8 devotion circles. The connective circles connect to two devotion circles, one on each side. The eight devotion circles can be divided into four categories: Jump, Escape, Steal, and _ _ _ _.



Running is moving around the game board. All characters run at the pace of two circles per turn, however if there is an opponent's character in your way you must stop on the space with the opponent's character. If your destination is only one circle away you are permitted to stop on the desired circle rather than be forced to continue another step forward. It takes a full turn to run and you are not permitted to Jump or Steal on the same turn as running.



Cliques are very important for playing the game because each individual character can only level up in a single devotion but cliques with characters of various different devotions is far more versatile than a single character. Also a player with multiple characters under his control but who doesn't have cliques joining his characters must choose which character s/he will play as, so her other characters are left helpless. Cliques can be formed automatically as a free action (in other words you can Run, Jump, or Steal). All you need to do to create a clique is to have all of the characters you desire to have in your clique all in the same circle. You can choose to  exclude any character in the circle from your clique. You can choose to disband your clique at any point also as a free action. Cliques run together and their devotions are all combined together as if they are a single character. When a clique is successfully jumped,





The character with a Jump devotion is adept at killing hir opponents, and this occurs when hir level in Jump is higher than hir opponent's level in the escape devotion. You can only jump an opponent on the same circle as you, and you cannot jump on the same turn as running or stealing regardless of whether s/he or hir click preformed the action.




Characters with an Escape devotion fears being jumped while traveling the city and focuses on self defense in order to protect hirself from her enemies. Unless hir opponent has a higher level in Jump than s/he does in Escape, this character cannot be killed, however s/he must still beware of characters that are devoted to stealing.



A character devoted to stealing has a hard time without a clique to belong to. Alone the character can only steal from fellow stealing devotees. This character can steal as many levels as s/he has in hir Stealing devotion However if this character is in a clique s/he can steal from any one of hir enemies with a devotion identical to one of the people in her clique, or alternatively if s/he has a character in he click without any devotion s/he can steal from a character of any devotion.  The stealing devotee cannot use his devotion in the same turn as running or jumping regardless of whether s/he or hir clique preformed the action. No opponents devotion can be lowered below zero. The thief can choose to steal from multiple devotions at once, but s/he can only steal a total maximum equivalent to her level in stealing. You have to already be on the same place as the opponent's character in order to steal. The levels stolen go to a member of the stealing devotees clique with the devotion type stolen from the opponent, or if there is no such member in the stealing devotee's clique then it goes to a clique member without any devotions, and this person becomes a devotee of the type of devotion s/he received. If s/he is receiving multiple types of devotions than s/he received the devotion with the highest number of levels and the rest go to any other character if there is no such character in the stealing devotee's clique then the levels simply aren't stolen.

to evoke light   
10:52am 20/07/2004
  draw the invoking fire with a wand or daggar (start from the top point going right) pentacle and chant:

i evoke to myself a body of light
i command it to improve my sight
by stars and moon and solar might
i comand you to shine long and bright
simple curse   
10:50am 20/07/2004
during the course of you existance
i curse your will to suffer resistance
[abbreviated] lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram   
10:38am 20/07/2004
  face east with daggar in hand:
1. point to your forehead and speak "atah"
2. point down and say "malkuth"
3. point to the right sholder and speak "vagaburah"
4. point to the left sholder and speak "vagadula"
5. hold the daggar into the praying position and speak "leolam amen"
6. then speak "before me raphael" and draw a banishing air

7. then speak "to my right michiel" and draw the banishing fire

8. then speak "behind me gabriel" and draw the banishing water

7. then speak "to my left urael" and draw the banishing earth

8. then light some incense and candle and sprinkle some water and salt
spell to silence accusers   
10:22am 20/07/2004
  tie a knot in rope and with each knot, chant:

my accuser's tounge will be bound bound
and their squeals shall make no sound

do this seven times (seven being a number of protection)
ring of healing   
08:55am 16/01/2004
  1) place a ring on a properly consecrated wand...
2) ignite the want and chant "IAO" twenty three times...
3) once the wand is ash let the ring cool...
4) put the ring on
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to remember   
07:28am 02/11/2003
as these four lines shall be spoken
my concentration shall not be broken
by forgetfulness had my thoughts been taken
now all memories shall reawaken
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dominate person   
08:15am 24/10/2003
  draw two sigils one for the persons physical form and one for the persons will... draw them in circled that are touching sides...

tear off the side that repredents the will... flip the sigil upside down and connect the pages together again...

charge the sigils with a form of gnosis... depending on how you wish to dominate the person...
breaking a binding spell 
08:59am 08/10/2003
  draw a pentacle with 9 ft in diameter begining with the banishing earth pentacle... (begin in the lower left going up making a up pointing triagle with the first two lines)...

burry a talisman in the center...

speak... "i call the spirits to break any binding spells placed upon me"

dig up the talisman and put it on...

so long as you wear it you are protected from binding spells...
wispering wind 
08:57am 08/10/2003
  0. obtain a bottle or a crystal...

1. on the bottle/crystal draw the pentacle of invoking air spirits (start from the upper right and the first two lines should make a backwards seven)...

2. speak: "i invoke the spirits of air, who's domain is over communication and expression... to wisper messages to desired targets..."

3. breath in...

4. exhale onto the crystal or into the bottle...

to activate:

open the bottle breath in and close the bottle... wisper the desired message into your cupped hands and then release the message...

the spirit is trapped in the bottle so you could countinue to use this bottle for an unending amount of these uses...
sphere of silence 
08:57am 08/10/2003
  X. speak: "i banish all sylphs from this area"
X++. draw upon the ground a pentacle inscibed in a circle... the circle must cover all the area which you want silenced... start the pentacle in the upper right (the first two lines should make a seven... this is the pentacle for banishing air)...
animate object 
08:57am 08/10/2003
  walk talk think feel
i summon the forces of the unreal
in the name of being i set you free
by the power of my spirit i awaken thee
doorway to nowhere 
08:56am 08/10/2003
  4. trace the space you want to act as a door with your dagger... when you are about to close the door, draw an invoking air pentacle... (start from the upper right)

3. create a second door somewhere else

2. speak:
as i walk through this door
i step and trip and miss the floor

1. step into one of the doors and come out of of the other
chant for a sanctuary 
08:55am 08/10/2003
  This ground is consecrated to be clean
protected from the direct and the unseenunseen
after I speak these verses four
enemies shall not come through my door
08:55am 08/10/2003
  0)obtain a bottle and place some salt on the bottom...
I) wait for a thunderstorm and place the bottle outside... let the bottle fill with rain water (it does not have to be totally full... the salt just has to be disolved)...
II) put your fist around the neck of the bottle and speack insults into the bottle...
III) smash the bottle
IV) collect the shards

to activate:
hold the shards in your left hand (keep them in a little leather bag or something like that) and speak:
shards of glass in my fist
you shall no longer exist...

send them a thunderbolt...
shape shifting 
08:54am 08/10/2003
  shape shifting spell
10:46pm 20/09/2003
vodonoi (water spirits) are known for the power of shapeshifting... so here we shall capture one into a fetish...

0) prepare an object to be made into a fetish (like a ring, a crystal, or something like that)...
I) On a beach draw a circle with nine feet in diameter... vodonoi is a water spirit and magickal creatures are known for habbiting in between places... like a sea shore (a border between water and land)
II)plant lit incense and or a dagger to your right (which should be the east... but it doesn't matter... all direction is relative to you)...
III) plant a wand and/or a lit candel in back of you...
IV) place a cup of water to your right...
V) place a pentacle or some clay in front of you...
VI) face the cup and place some butter and/or tobacco in the cup of water and say: "i summon thee vodonoi...i comand thee to enter this cup..."
VII) Place the fetish in the cup and say: "i comand thee to enter this talisman..."
VIII) cover the cup with your hand and leave only enought space open to drink all the water... this serves the purpose to keep the vodonoi in and keep you from swallowing the talisman...
to activate the talisman:
don the talisman and reapeat this mantra over and over untill done enchanting your cloths:
although looking you may be
you will never look at me

place your right hand over any clothing or anything else you may be wearing and visualize n aspect of the image that is to be projected from you... do this with every article of clothing or accessory
you wear... finally with all of them you will have a supernatural costume projecting what ever image your want, with the fetish acting as a crux holding all the pieces together...

when you want to project the image of yourself then you recite the chant again
protection enchantment 
08:53am 08/10/2003
  0) obtain a piece of leather (fake is fine)...
I) cast a circle, do a banishing ritual, read the lords prayer backwards, or anything else to start the ritual off...
II) Light a candel and say... "i invoke thee salamander to bless the recipient of this spell with your fiercness and streangth so they may conter or block any damage so their inner light shall continue to burn"
III) place the leather in the flame and say... "i ask that you not harm the recipient of this spell..."
IV)Remove the leather from the flame and prepare a pool or bowl of water and say... "I invoke thee undine to bless the recipient of this spell with your vitality so they can quickly regenerate any damage they sustain and their blood may still flow..."
V) place the leather in the pool of water and say... "i ask that you not harm the recipient of this spell..."
VI) Remove the leather from the water and go/remain outside and say... "I invoke the sylph to bless the recipient of this spell with your agility so they may avoid taking damage and continue to draw breath.."
VII) Hang the leather for the day and say... "i ask that you not harm the recipient of this spell..."
VIII) After the sun goes down dig a hole in the ground and say... "I invoke thee gnome to bless the recipient of this spell with your stamina and resolve so that they may sustain great damage but take no ill effect from it and so they may live as long as the earth..."
IX) Burry the leather and arrange stones on top of it in the shape of a pitchfork or trident... say... "i ask that you not harm the recipient of this spell..."
X) dig it up once the sun rises... the leather is enchanted to protect you... it is always active, but when in a situation where this may be very useful do the following:

increase the effects of the enchantment
have the leather on and say:
fire water earth air
when i am in despair
fire water air earth
the protection spell shall increase in girth