selfdeception's expression through magickal ritual (dark_gathering) wrote,
selfdeception's expression through magickal ritual

[abbreviated] lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram

face east with daggar in hand:
1. point to your forehead and speak "atah"
2. point down and say "malkuth"
3. point to the right sholder and speak "vagaburah"
4. point to the left sholder and speak "vagadula"
5. hold the daggar into the praying position and speak "leolam amen"
6. then speak "before me raphael" and draw a banishing air

7. then speak "to my right michiel" and draw the banishing fire

8. then speak "behind me gabriel" and draw the banishing water

7. then speak "to my left urael" and draw the banishing earth

8. then light some incense and candle and sprinkle some water and salt
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